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Mountain Lake

This is a picture of the Bayview bridge.
It spans the Mississippi River between Illinois

and Missouri. I live about 8 blocks from this bridge.

Welcome to my Angels Page!!!!

We all have angels in our lives.
Some of them we have met, some we have given life to,
and yet others we have

only held pictures of.
They are all angels none the less.
Please look over this page and look on the faces of the

angels that grace my life.

This is my son Chuck, and his girlfriend Alyssa...

This an Army picture of my son Chuck.

This is my daughter Amanda...

This is my Great Niece Emily...

These are my step-granddaughters Heather, Serenity, and Nikki...

This is Morghan, she is the daughter of my dear friend Duchess...

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Please Do Not take any graphics from this page without asking first.
Some of them are my own creations.
Thank you, Dream Wolf.