Meet Bill Goldberg!!!

What makes Bill Goldberg stand out among
all the wrestlers in the WCW?

Other than being in top physical condition,
and being able to take out his opponents

with total efficiency.
He is a man that stands out among his peers,
by his confidence in himself,

and his abilities.
He has no fear of any opponent.
He knows exactly what he wants and goes after it,

he allows nothing to stand between him and victory.
Goldberg is the only wrestler
to ever receive the wrestler of the year,

and match of the year awards.

A lot of people have said that
Goldberg has had everything handed to him.
I feel these people are either blind
or stupid. Anyone that has watched him

wrestle knows with out a doubt he is the best.
No one can deny that he has always worked hard
for the things he wanted.
As a former football player he is knows

what hard work, and pain are all about.
He knows that if you want to be the best
you have to wipe out all that stand in your way.
To any that say his life is easy

I say walk a mile in his shoes, then we'll talk.

Some facts about Goldberg:

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 285 lbs.

Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.

Signature Maneuver: Jackhammer

Bill Goldberg has won the love, and admiration
of fan world wide
young and old alike.

He is and avid animals rights activist, that is
trying to get animal fighting banned.
He also gives his time to

the Make A Wish Foundation.
He has had his face on lottery tickets, and postal stamps.
He is a person that can be looked up

for the things he has accomplished,
and for the values he holds.
He does not have to put on a front to the public.
Goldberg has enough style, and

confidence to be exactly who he is, no more, no less.

In February Goldberg was a guest
on the Tonight Show.
He also was a guest on the
Regis and Kathie Lee Show.
USA Today has featured several stories
about Goldberg's fight for

animal rights. He was also the
Grand Marshal for the
Cracker Barrel Old Country
Store 500 in Atlanta in March.
He has also filmed a part in
the movie Universal Soldier II.

There can be no doubt that
Bill Goldberg is a legend in the making.
It will be interesting to see what
the future holds for this giant of a man.

No matter what it is you can be
assured it will be done with style,
and a touch of Gold.

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whichever you prefer.

Thank You Dream Wolf....