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Do Wolves Dream...

Do wolves dream?

I believe they do,

Of things they can only view.

They see in their sleep,

The pain that goes deep,

To the heart of nature.

When you hear their mournful cry,

Do you ever wonder if maybe,

Mother Earth is about to die?

Dream Wolf August 27, 1998

Never To Be...

Have you ever walked at night,

With moon shining bright?

With night birds singing,

Loud and clear with the

Songs your heart holds dear?

And suddenly a new song appears,

The sound is mournful, crystal clear.

It makes your heart yearn with,

Wanting that you must learn.

To answer nature with such heart,

Wanting only to be apart.

Of the wonderous song you hear,

And in your eyes are mournful tears.

As you turn and walk alone,

Back into your sterile modern home...

Dream Wolf August 28, 1998

This background I made, please do not take it.

These poems are my own work,
Please do not take them without
my permission.

Thank you, Dream Wolf

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