Now it is time to talk about,
and just possibly pick on
Lynn's husband Berdell.

When I said I was going to make this page for him
he said make it a mopar page.

So I thought no problem, hunted up some pics
made backgrounds sent them to him to see

which one he prefered. Weeeeeeelllllll
to make a looooooong story
short he didn't tell me it had

to be a 69 Charger RT. So back to the search,
and let me tell you
I will be seeing the Mopar emblem, and

Dodge Chargers in my sleep for a month *LOL*.
As you can see by the background
I did however find one.

I do suppose he was worth all that trouble,
but I am
not too sure yet. *EWG*

Berdell and my hubby Dale are best buddies.
They used to work together
at the same company.

He also nicknamed Dale Papa Smurf,
because he has
an almost all white beard. You thought I was going

to say he was 3" tall and blue didn't ya? *LOL*.
Anyway back to Bert. I suppose
to some people he would seem

a little rough around the edges.
He can also be quite a pain
in the butt when he chooses to be.
If you don't believe me

just ask his wife sometime.*LOL*

I guess it is time to get a little
more serious here. I guess my first

real contact with Berdell was March of last year.
That is when my husband nearly lost a finger

at work. Berdell was right there by his side,
and took him to
the hospital. He was more concerned

with Dale than himself,
even though he had been hurt too.
More than that though, Berdell was able to respect

that Dale is a person that is at times
painfully honest, and quite blunt.
I believe that a few things in life are

fated to be, and one of those is Dale,
and Berdell were meant to be friends.
I am rather fond of him too, even if he is

big pain in my......well I better
not say it,
but you know what I mean*LOL*.
In all honesty there are only three men on this

earth I would trust with my life,
one is my husband,
the other my son, and Berdell.
I feel that he would always try to have my

best interest at heart, and would never do anything
to intentionally hurt me.
As I once told Dale,
Berdell was the only man where

worked together that would look me in the eye
when he spoke to me.
The only one that treated
me like I was a human being.
Not just Dale's wife.


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