Who   is   Emmy????

Well I suppose it is about time
I got around to this,
my sister from my

point of view *EWG*

Now, now Emmy don't be afraid,
it won't hurt too*snicker* much. You see

Emmy,and I are really sister.
We live in the same town, and only four

blocks apart. We are very close in age
(but I am not telling *G*). What

I will say is that Emmy is older than me *LOL*

On to her, as you can see from the pic,
she is very pretty *S* (lucky her*S*)

She has a very good sense of humor,
especially if it is being pointed at

me, but I don't mind because
I return the favor often .....

She loves M & M's, so if you visit
her HP please leave her some,
they make her

happy *S* She also loves mice
(mouses to her *S*), and has collected

many of, her house is covered with them.
Now don't look at me that way,

did you really think I meant
real live ones *giggle*
She also has two cats

that closely resemble
her in personality *LMAO*
You know what I mean

they are both rather devilish in nature *G*
I honestly believe she

taught her cat Kitty-rat
to attack me whenever I go over there *G*

other cat Percy, has mellowed,
but will still get me from time to time,

her doings I am quite sure *LOL*

She is married,
and happily so for Hmmmmmm,
15 years I believe,
her husband is Chuck

and seems to have a saints patience *LOL*
She has a son Rick, and he is

married to Toni,
they gave her the beautiful gift of
a grand-daughter

four months ago *S* They also named her Emily
(wonder how that happened*G*).

Of course she is spoiling this baby rotten *G*
(but who wouldn't).

Now Emmy is the one who introduced
me to the net,
and chatting (thanks

woman, now I never sleep *G*),
and she has also introduced me to a lot

of very nice people,
that are as crazy as we are.....

Now for the serious side
of this (just for a moment).
Emmy is not only my sister, but

my best friend. She has never
failed to be there when
I really needed

her. She has always supported
me even through,
my dumbest mistakes. She is

a sensitive and caring person,
but beware of her temper,
she can get pretty

mean if she really has to *G*
I am closer to her than anyone on this

earth, and would have
it no other way, I love her,
and she will always

be much more than a sister to me.......

You scared the mouse times.

This background belongs to me,
I made it for my sister only.
Please do not take it.

Thanks, Dream Wolf.