Shung stopped by to see her packmate Dream Wolf. Where oh where is Dream???
Here's a picture of Shung!!

Well, tis clear sister wolf is not home at the moment. *Shung sits down to think a minute* I wonder where she is? Maybe if I called to her?

Oh, it's so sad to be alone when looking for the pack!! Sister wolf is probably off hunting. Maybe if I sit here a while, she will return. Maybe she will bring something to eat. Then again, maybe not. There is sweet, fresh water here and a lovely bed of moss under the tree. I'll just curl up for a time and wait. Maybe I'll think about the times my sister and I have shared. That will be good. Remembering will help take away the lonely feelings!!

Hehehe I remember one time... we were deep into the forest when who should come bounding up but Timberwolf! He was just all excited at what he had found and insisted that we go with him to see this marvel! So being the loyal packmates we are, we followed him to a small clearing. You wouldn't believe what he was so excited about!! A mud puddle!! A big one, but still a mud puddle. I couldn't figure out why he was so excited but Dream Wolf had this strange look in her eyes. The next thing I know, the two of them jumped into the puddle - there was water and mud flying everywhere!!

I couldn't beleive my eyes!! Two grown wolves acting like cubs!! Well, usually wolf cubs have better sense than that! And would you believe they came bounding out and pulled me into the mess? Timber kept muttering something about cooties! He made no sense to me! And Dream was giggling in a way grown wolves never giggle!

Needless to say, I left right away. There I was, covered with mud!! How insulting! I raced to the river and splashed in. I had to get completely wet to get clean again and you know how much wolves hate baths. The only good thing was, I knew the two silly ones had mud in their ears! They would have to wash their faces!!

Wolves belong running through the forest, not rolling around in the mud!