All through time people have been intrigued by mythical creatures, and if any had ever really exsisted. I believe that if they never did then, they have come to life through the story writer, and the artist, they have become symbols for some of mankinds fears, loves, and hates...they have stood for purity, evil, and innocence. I grew to love these creatures very young, as the first book I ever read was the 12 Labors of Hercules, and my desire to learn more about the mystical magical creatures has grown ever since....

Come Meet My All Time Favorites!!!

I have always had a great love for the dragon, he and the unicorn rate at the top of my list as favorites. I know they usually stand for just the opposite unicorn good, dragon evil. But this isn't always true, there are a lot of books out there that depict the dragon, as a good creature that does it's best to help humans. Ones that show great bonds between the dragon and humans, where they work together for the benefit of both.
Now I am sure that you have heard all the horror stories of dragons, but let me assure you, that if you look you will find, that like humans there is both good and bad...
And then there are the little folk, of fairy, sprite and gnome that have different talents as nature's design. Some awaken spring time flowers, while others paint the leaves of Autumn and make the leaves brightly glow. And gnomes you see and their kind bring gems stones to the ground for mortal man to find.
What would the world be without leprechauns, and wizards??? Pretty boring I would think, in almost all of the oldest cultures there are mention of the "Little People" and with all cultures they are given different names... My favorite is the leprechaun (must be that Irish blood my mom gave me *G*). They are quite fascinating beings, full of humor and charm, and the keepers of the gold at the end of the rainbow.
As for wizards, there are many different kinds of those also some being good, and some being from bad to very evil. They are at the top of the magic list, having powers in many different forms. Some wizards control the elements, while another may control the past, present, or future. They are commonly the advisers of kings, and help them to win battles on magical ground.

I am sure that some who view this page will wonder why a 35 year old woman would
take such an interest in things that seem so childish. Well over the years I have thought long and hard on that very thing, and my conclusion is this...there is a part of me that is still a child, all of the qualities that
that I held then, are still there today, as there are with all of us. The difference is, I refuse to put them away, I want that child to be a part of who I am always. She can still feel the wonder of magic in a book, and see pixies and faeries dancing in the morning dew, she can still believe that unicorns, dragons, and magical worlds still exsist, and most important of all she will never, ever grow old...