My favorite places to go!!

: Meet Berdell, he is Lynn's husband.
: Meet Lynn, she is my sister by heart.
Thirtysomething: A very friendly place to meet people.
Andy's Fantasy and RPG Page: Very Cool Place to go, neat art, and jokes.
Animal Network: The place to go if you need animal advice.
Beach Mark Cards: This place has some really great cards, check them out.
My Big Sister Emmy's Page.: Go here to learn about Emmy (The Pain *S*)
Poetry By Mari Lou Dolan: This Lady Is A Friend Of My Sister. I am Proud,
and Honored to Post her Poetry Here...
Neon Nights My All Time Favorite Radio Show: Go Visit Lia Knight She Is One Very Cool Lady :0)
Cheaters Domain: The Best Place to Find Cheats For Your Games
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Tells how to keep your children safe on the internet
My Good Friend Turk's Homepage: Here you can learn about one very exceptional lady *S*
My Good Friend Gator's Homepage: If you like to fish you will love his HP *S*
Blackdog E-mail cards: This is another really great place to get send cards from ...Check it out!!!
CyberCheeze: A Great Place to Get Jokes!!!!!!
The Lodge of Bear Walks Tall: This is a wonderful site, that honors the Native American, and Viet-Nam Vet....
"Any Pen or Pencil Will Do": A good friend of mine, who never has to worry about what to write with *G*
Memorial Page: This page is a very touching site, and shows that you don't have to know someone to be kind to them !!!!
Wolf Song Graphics: If you love wolves, you will love this site. This site is more than mere words can say !!!!!
:Take The Time To Visit Wendell & Nancy Deer With Horns, Their Site Is Well Worth Your Time!!!
My deepest thanks for this award.
:Visit new2's Homepage, she is a dear friend*S*, and has lots too see, and even a book store!!!
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special award to me, and
I will always cherish it.
Thank you from my heart sister wolf!!!!

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Unicorns, dragons.....: The things I love to collect...
Suzi-q's Page...: Please Enter and Meet This Dear Friend, and Relax in Her Garden *S*
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons...........: Yes, I know more of this stuff, but hey I love it *G*
Dale's Page!!!!!: Enter Here to Meet My Bear of a Husband *G*
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Meet Turk!!!: Here's Where You Can Learn About My Partner In Crime *LOL*
My Adopted POW/MIA...: Let's Bring Them All Home !!!!
Meet CA DUCHESS!!!: Here You Can Meet Another Very Good Friend of Mine *S*
Meet Another POW/MIA...: Meet Another soldier that was left behind...
Paradise!!!: This site is mostly for the fun things I want to put there !!!
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