This page I dedicate to my wonderful friend CA DUCHESS!!!!

Duchess was one of the very first people I met and made friends with

on the net, we seemed to hit it off right away *G*

As the months passed we became very close friends

and talk as often as possible.
In my puter room I have several pictures

of her beautiful daughter Mimi, one of my all time

favorite people *G*

This page is really late in the making, partly because at first I didn't

know what I was doing *G* And because Duchess was off the net for a couple of months, and I wanted her

her to be the first to see it...

So what can I tell you about Duchess??? Hmmmm, well I suppose I better be

nice*LOL* Really though she is a very sweet person, and someone I can

talk to for hours, which gets us

both into trouble at times *G* She lets me pick on her hubby, relentlessly sometimes *G*

If we ever get the chance to meet

he better watch out I still owe him a *SMACK* on the head *LOL*

Duchess is one of the first people on the net to befriend me,
and I have become quite fond of her *S*
She has one of the sweetest little girls in the world,
I know this because Duchess tells me all the things Mimi
does(which I love)it makes me feel a part of her life. Over the year we have known each other we have share
many laughs, many tears, and some
just good old fashioned talking *S*
I guess in short we have just taken our time, gotten to know each other
and become very close friends,
one of the best parts of life...

We have even snail mailed each other, can you believe it*G*
with e-mail, and we sit down and write *LOL*...Well people
have told me I am crazy, must be rubbing off (Poor Duchess*G*)
although she seems to like my warped sense of humor, and the way
I bicker with my R/T sister Emmy *LOL* She of course has a wonderful sense of humor, just not as
warped as mine, but I am working on her *G* J/K....
Now Les don't look at me like that *G*, you know I would never make Duchess like
of course if she just picks it up I can't be blamed *LOL*
Now for Les, well I know Duchess is married to him *giggle*
and I also know he likes giving me a hard time
although I have no clue as to why *snicker*
He said if I ever came to visit, he wouldn't let me on base *POUT*
but sweet Duchess said she would sneak me on *G*, as a good friend would...SO there Les *LOL*
Les somehow has this irrational feeling that I want to do him harm
and I have no idea why *G*, you would almost get the idea, that I threatened him or something *giggle*

I am a person that enjoys learning new things about my friends,
and it is twice as nice when it is a
pleasant surprise. I recently learned that Duchess' heart
is much bigger than I once thought.
Here recently she was telling me about
a program called Operation Just Cause, where you can adopt a POW/MIA.
She also told me how she has worn the bracelet of a POW for many years.
I had heard of others doing this,
but I guess never gave it a lot of thought. Until she told me about how she had over the years thought
about this man, and his family that was here.
Also how she had over the years formed a kind of bond with him, and how his memory will never die
because of all the people that still care about him.

Duchess also knows that my husband is a veteran of the Vietnam war,
so I do have more than a passing interest. We have talked for many hours about these things, and we both agree
that the more people that
hear about it and see the Remembrance pages all the better.
We have also talked in depth about the effects that the Vietnam war still
has on the men who came home, it is heartbreaking to think how the ones
left behind must feel.

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