To   My   Friends   !!!

This page I dedicate to my friends, they are all very special to me. I feel they deserve a page for them alone. I hope as time goes by I will be able to add many more names to this page. I will hold them all close to my heart. They are all very dear to me, and have each and everyone added pleasure to my life. I humbly thank each and everyone of you. My Love To You All, Ahn.

Friends   Are   Not   Made,   They   Are   Born!!!!!

Emmy, (The Pain *S*, But ILH anyway) She is at the top of my list of friends, because she was the first friend I had in life (being my sis), and probably knows more about me than anyone. She is very dear to me, and couldn't imagine life without her. *Okay Emmy you can stop twisting my arm now *LMAO*

Cyberpope, (my pollyanna) Also my little brother (by choice if not by birth). He never fails to make me smile, and puts up with all my moods. I love him dearly.

logan, (my dear sweet friend) How can I say what he means to me *S* Sometimes I'm convinced he's a little crazy, but i never want him to change. A wonderful part of my heart.

jaz, (he is so special) He is a gentleman always, but has a very good sense of humor too. Even though we have the hardest time getting together for a chat, he never gives up. He is a very dear friend.

Conya, (One of my very first friends) In reality, she was Emmy's friend to begin with, and was kind enough to except me as friend too. A very beautiful person, with a wonderful sense of humor. More than a little nutty at times. Hope she stays that way, Always.

CADuchess, (The best friend to me) I could search this world over, and never find another like her. She always seems to know what I'm thinking. She is a lot like me, in sense of humor, and speaking her mind when it is needed. She is the friend I have always wanted. She also has a beautiful little girl *HUH OH! Baby* I call her *S*

rover, (My favorite Aussie *S*) A very dear friend who always gives me encouragement, makes me laugh, and is always ready to talk. He even said if I came to Australia, and drank some beer with him at the pub, he would hold my head for me when I got sick (beer hates me *G*) *What a friend*

polly (Always perky) A good friend, although I am told a few months ago she was very quiet *Not polly, no way*. She seems to always be bouncing off walls *L* But you would have a hard time finding a sweeter person.

NightWriter (A very special friend) Someone I could spend hours talking to. Always manages to come and say goodnight to me, even when he is very tired. I also think he is related to superman, with all the things he does in a days time.

funybuny (A hoppin' sweet friend) She is always one of the first to greet me, and always has a *HUG* ready. She never fails to make me laugh, but never tolerates her friends being mistreated either. She is a very sweet friend.

Turk, (Always has *HUGS*) Whenever I enter a room, she is there with *HUGS* for me. She laughs at me and Emmy's silliness, as if she thinks we really like each other *LOL* Couldn't imagine chat without her, and her *HUGS* for friends.

Happy (A very nice guy) Another one of Emmy's friends, that was willing to except her lifelong tormentor as friend. He is almost always a gentleman, and has a good sense of humor. I enjoy talking to him, and having him for a friend.

In the next few days, I will open another friends page, and add more friends to it, please be patient with me *S*

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