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Mountain Lake

For my special friend, and hearts sister Nancy DeerWithHorns.
Thank you Sis for talking me into trying applets.

Friends   Are   Like   Music   !!!

Friends are like music, they touch your heart, and they touch your soul. For every friend that is born, a new song begins, keep the music going, make friends *S* Here you can meet some of mine *S*

greeneyes (makes me laugh) She has always greeted me warmly, and been a good friend. She even laughs at my dumb jokes.

Just a Lady (a very sweet lady) I don't know her very well yet, but from the times I have talked to her, I am happy to call her friend.

Snowwolf my newest packmate...He loves to set up decoys so I can't pull his tail. He is a very sweet guy, with a lot of snow drippin' off him *G*

Lori (loves a Polar bear *G*) She is just as crazy as I am, loves the number 8 for some strange reason *LOL* I'm really glad I met you.

Background by Wolfsong!!!!

True   Friends   Are   Forever!!!!

Diana, (Loves Spiders *LOL*) She is a very nice person, and I am very glad she is my friend. Well that is when she isn't putting my sister up to making my life miserable *G*

Integrator(Inty, what a flirt *LOL*) A very nice person, he loves to attack women upon entering the chatroom *LMAO* He has a wonderful sense of humor, and is a good friend.

Hunter(my newest friend) I don't know him well yet, but is already special to me.

guessing game (always throwing gremlins at me *S*) A very good friend, I am always very pleased to see her enter the chatroom. She is a person who is kind of spirit and heart.

new2 (Sister-Friend) One of the first people to talk to me in Thirtysomething. She is a crazy friend, who can't never seem to sit still for very long, sometimes making me quite dizzy *LOL*

Jade (Has a thing for insanity) She has always been nice to me, and always willing to talk to me. She even laughs at my stupid jokes. *LOL*

Silvia (My German daughter) I love her as much as one of my own children. So she there for is my favorite German brat *S*

Jorg (My second favorite German brat) A very sweet and kind young man. You are loved very much here.

Masaki (My favorite Japanese brat) Has a wonderful sense of humor, and was my hubby's best man (Thanks)

Raez (Another new friend) I'm very glad I met her, I hope we become good friends.

Cat(Very sweet) Has always been nice to me, and is considered a good friend to me.

Timberwolf(Wolfie now a very dear friend) He is the sweetest friend. I am always ready to chat with him. He also has a very good sense of humor. He also likes his tail pulled *LMAO* I hope you remain my friend forever and a day {{{{HUGS}}}}

Shaggydog ( I met him in Pow Wow) Very kind person who answered my page. He has chatted with me as if we've always known each other. Thanks for giving me a chance *S*

Shining Star (I also met her in Pow Wow) She is a friend to Shaggy. A very sweet person. Who has allowed me to come and chat with her and Shaggy. Thanks Star *S*

Magilla (Another Pow Wow friend) A very nice young man. He seems to have his head on straight, but also has a good sense of humor. Thanks for chatting with the old lady *LOL*

Andi (A very good friend) She has begged me to call off the spider invasion, and now that she has signed my guestbook, I'll think about it *LMAO*

If I have missed anyone on these either of my friends pages, someone PLEASE!!!! Let me know, thanks.......

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