Wolf Dreams!!!

Of stars, and night always shining
Of senses reaching a new and wonderous
And When I dream I need never fear...
For my pack is always near

They are my comfort and delight...
for they walk with me each night
Everyone of them has added some-
thing new
To an empty place where pieces were

They have touched me heart, and soul
Each one of them I am proud to know
They lend me strength, and courage
That I may grow

They take who I am in stride...
And at times allowed me to confide
They are true friends I have found
And to them I will always be bound

This poem is dedicated to my Packmates:
Timberwolf, Shung(Turk), Snowwolf, Adee
(Emmy r/t sister).....I Love You Each and
Everyone  {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Background by Wolfsong!!!!

The Heart of a Wolf !!!

The heart of a wolf is noble and true... He takes nothing for granted, each day is brand new...

His courage un-matched, through ages gone by...Yet there is fear, that some day he and his pack will die...

For misunderstanding, has been his undoing Through ages of rumors, and viscious lies What humans have made of him, he will always deny...

They listen not to laws set down, by nature and reason can there be doubt... But man has had to have his scape goat, some- thing to which he can blame the bad he let out...

In the heart of a wolf, he strength abounds If you listen with more than ears, you will find it in nature's sounds....

A wolf song, is of strength and courage Hold it close to your own heart, and know their freedom is so short...

They live but for a moment, and then they are gone... But their spirits continue to live on...Through the love, of our human packs...

May you find the spirit of the wolf in your heart and help him to always be a part... Of the life we share on this earth, to live in the Harmony, we all deserve......

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