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Mountain Lake

This page has been a long time
in the making. So I must apologize

to Lynn for making her wait so long.
I guess the hardest part is figuring out

what to say about a friend you feel that
you have waited you entire life to meet.

You see Lynn came into my life when
there were very few people I trusted. She has excepted

me as I am, and even puts up with my
sometimes weird humor.
She has allowed me into her life, into her

home, and I think it is even safe to say her heart.
She is to me another sister, and even more. Because she is also

a trusted friend, a confidant, someone I can tell anything to
and never fear she will tell anyone who will listen.

As you can see Lynn loves angels. Although it makes
me wonder at times what she sees in

me as a friend. Because even she will tell you, I am
very far from being that. Come to think of it, she is

about as far from being one as I am. *LOL*
Now Lynn you didn't expect this to be all serious
Did you???? *LOL*

For that matter when you get the two
of us together better watch out, cause trouble will
soon follow us. We really enjoy tormenting

our husbands. Of course they derseve it*EWG*.

I think of all the women I have known
Lynn has got to be the one I feel

the most comfortable with.
She is about the only one I would
bend over backwards to

please (not literally dear I would never get up*LOL*).
I feel I can trust her
with any aspect of my life.

Maybe fate was indeed at work when we all met.
Although it is a wonder we all got together
no thanks to my husband Dale.

You see he picked on Lynn quite a bit
before her and I had a chance to meet.
I suppose though it was a good thing
He did, because if

he couldn't scare her off I
had nothing to worry about *LOL*.
She even took it quite well when
I bit her on the neck in a restuarant *LOL*.

Lynn even loves my puppy Tristen,
although he has done his best to eat
her fingers, and stain her carpet.
He has wiggled himself right into her

heart. Of course she spoils him rotten, giving him ice cream, and meat
from the table.

This part here is to Lynn personally.
Lynn we both know that we can't

choose what family we were born into
and we can't choose who we will have

for brothers, or sisters, but this I want you
to know. That if God had given me

a choice, you would been my sister in blood
as well as heart and soul.
I could love

you no more than if you were my blood sister.
In my heart you are, and always will be.

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