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Mountain Lake


By Marilou Dolan

Where did you go ancient ones,

when you left this sacred place.

Your life here was long,

but you left without a trace.

Your presence yet felt by few

of being watched from the shadows.

A faint smell of burning sagebrush

and flowers from the meadow.

Holy chants whispers in the wind,

childrens laughter and running feet.

Dried maze being ground, drums pound,

sounds of life so sweet.

Civilization living a quiet unhurried life

in dwelling under the cliffs,

the past overlapping the future,

time unbounded shatters and drifts.

The lonely howl of the coyote,

the aroma of cedar and pinon`

a feeling of sudden discontentment

a yearning for what was beyond.

Where did you go ancient ones,

what future did you embrace,

When you decided to depart,

this sacred dwelling place.



Marilou Dolan

My Father was the eagle

my Mother the wind.

Their mating created a symphony,

only they could hear,

only they could dance to.

Sparkling air surging upwards,

softly caressing, boldly touching.

Widespread wings, open, like a lovers,

ready to enfold his beloved.

Higher and higher, flying toward the heavens,

their screams fill the air.

His on the wing, hers upswept in currents.

Both mingling to soar higher, higher,

effortless, breathless,endless,everlasting.

Beautiful to behold, shimmering,circling, trembling, euretheral.

The world below oblivious to their dance of love, they part,

he to gather strength rising up....up

to catch another breeze.

Her to gently fall to the earth crying, sighing, spent, dying.

Longing for what was, giving birth to what will be,

with her last breathe...a legend.

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