My deepest thanks to Wendell & Nancy DeerWithHorns
for this beautiful banner.


Oh dear - no Java!!!!
Mountain Lake

This shield was made for me by my packmate
Turk. My hearts thanks Sister.

My hearts thanks to Wendell & Nancy DeerWithHorns
for this beautiful award.

My Heart's thanks to new2 for this beautiful gift,
Thanks Sister/Friend.

of the

Dream Wolf Welcomes You!!!

Enter into my den, make yourself at home *S* When you look through these pages I hope that you find peace. Take with you all that you find here that is worth while, hold it to your heart. Visit my links also you will encounter some very special people through will hear many words of wisdom and a good deal of humor.

May you leave here with a better knowledge of me, my pack, and the wolf which needs all the friends it's human packs can find for it *S* I hope you come back to visit me often, I do love the company *S* Walk with me and my pack.....and let us all hope for brighter skies, better ways, peace, and happiness to all.

I change things here often sometimes, as I get come back from time to time and see what I have done *G*

May your dreams always hold peace, and happiness...with more than a touch of wisdom...

Dream Wolf

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My thanks to Wendell & Nancy DeerWithHorns
for the kindness, and friendship
you have shown me.
Thank you from heart for this gift of friendship

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I receive a lot of pictures, and backgrounds from friends.
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